The National Show is a great place to see the best of the breed showcased, with cattle typically being appraised by an international host judge flown in by the Society.  This year's show was hosted by the South Australian Breeders Group at Mount Pleasant in South Australia, with guest judge Archie McArthur flown in all the way from Scotland.

Many of the cattle being exhibited this year were being offered for sale - some of these were sold on the day of the show but others may still be available. If you are on the look-out for some good breeding stock, you may like to peruse the Show and Sales Catalogue which lists the exhibits on-market.

This year Bronwyn Stewart from Sea Crest Fold in Flinders, Victoria, was awarded the prizes for both Grand Champion Female and Grand Champion Bull, with Sona Pollach of Sea Crest and Dougal Brogarth of Sea Crest respectively. Sona Pollach took out the ultimate award of Supreme Highland Exhibit for the Show.

Click here for the full Class results.

Each year the Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc. is proud to run the Annual National AHCS Show, hosted every year by one of the State Breeders groups affiliated with the Society. Without the tireless work and contributions of these State Breeder Groups, the National Show would not be able to go ahead, so the Society is very fortunate to have access to these volunteer-led groups from around the country.



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