This new membership option will be limited to the first 100 applicants at a once-only figure of $2200 (inc GST).

Upon becoming a Lifetime Member you will receive a number between 1 and 100 and be recognised on the AHCS Lifetime Honour Roll.

As a lifetime member, you will:

  • be exempt from any future inflationary membership fee price increases;
  • retain voting rights to enable you to play a continued role in the direction of the future society, even after you make the choice to retire from breeding; and
  • be able to keep in touch with society news and the AHCS breeding community for your entire life.

Imagine the magnificent creatures that are Highland cattle being a part of your life in some way forever!

For those younger or Junior members, taking Lifetime membership now could save many years of fees and secure your breeding membership for the future.

For the special people in your life, you might consider an AHCS Lifetime membership as a gift. For budding breeders, it could make a wonderful 18th or 21st birthday present!

Note that this offer is not to be confused with Honorary Life Membership, which is when Council bestows  a member with the status of Life Member to reflect the significant value the member has contributed to the breed and society.

However, both Honorary Life Membership and Lifetime Membership equally represent a commitment to the future of the Australian Highland Cattle Society and preservation of this wonderful heritage breed in Australia.

          Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc.   



In 2017 the Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc. launched its new Lifetime Membership option, open to both new and existing members.

Existing members upgrading to Lifetime membership before 30th June of the calendar year will receive a rebate of that year's membership fee.