Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc.   

Are you already a Highland owner or breeder?  Do you want to be?

Or maybe you don’t own Highlands but you just love the breed?

Why not join up as a member of the Australian Highland Cattle Society?

You will obtain access to resources to assist you as an owner or breeder of Highland cattle, and your support of the society will help in its mission to preserve this wonderful breed in Australia.

There are several different membership packages available, including Junior membership for those budding under-18 breeders, Associate membership for the hobbyist or enthusiast who may or may not own cattle but would like to keep in touch with news on the breed in Australia, as well as Commercial membership for commercial breeders. 

Signing up as a Full breeding member will enable you to register a Fold name of your choosing, which will then be recorded in the AHCS Herd Book pedigrees of any animals you breed and their subsequent offspring. In this way, you will play your part in ensuring the longevity of the Highland cattle breed.

And newly launched in 2017 is Lifetime Membership, for the serious breeders who plan to be breeding for many years to come and would appreciate being involved in some way with Highlands throughout their lives.

Why not join up today, by downloading a copy of our Membership Application Form​ and

registering to be part of Highland cattle history in Australia!