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Our mission is to preserve heritage, protect integrity and advance Highland Cattle in Australia through herd registration, education, promotion and fellowship.

Supporting Highland Cattle in Australia.

Become a member of the Australian Highland Cattle Society. You'll have access to exclusive resources, community support, flexible membership options, all while supporting Highland Cattle in Australia.

There are several different membership packages available, including Junior membership for those budding under-25 breeders, Heritage membership for the hobbyist or enthusiast who may or may not own cattle but would like to keep in touch with news on the breed in Australia, as well as Commercial membership for commercial breeders.

Signing up as a Full breeding member will enable you to register a Fold name of your choosing, which will then be recorded in the AHCS Herd Book pedigrees of any animals you breed and their subsequent offspring. In this way, you will play your part in ensuring the longevity of the Highland cattle breed.

You will obtain access to resources to assist you as an owner or breeder of Highland cattle, and your support of the society will help in its mission to preserve this wonderful breed in Australia.

Membership Packages

Membership packages available with the Society are listed below. If you need any assistance determining which membership is best for you then feel free to get in touch with us to discuss. To apply, click the JOIN NOW button and sign up today.

All membership packages with the Society run on a calendar year, 1st January to 31st December, with annual renewal occurring in January.


Full Membership

Suited to breeding members looking to register pedigree stock and may also participate in showing their Highland cattle.


Junior Membership

Targeted at Junior breeder members looking to register pedigree breeding stock and/or participate in showing their Highland cattle (age limits apply).


Commercial Membership

Targeted at the serious commercial breeder who is not looking to register pedigree stock but is interested in promoting the breed as a commercial animal and be a part of the AHCS.


Heritage Membership

Targeted at the hobbyist or enthusiast who has an interest in Highland cattle, their origins and history, and wish to support the preservation of the breed being of cultural significance to Scotland and those with Scottish heritage.


Overseas Full Membership

The same as Full Membership, but for an overseas resident. No GST included.


Overseas Associate Membership

The same as Commercial or Heritage Membership, but for an overseas resident. No GST included.


Become a member.

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We welcome and value all members and their input and enthusiasm in preserving heritage, protecting integrity and advancing the Highland Cattle breed.

Become a member today and work with us in support of our mission and ensuring the longevity of our wonderful breed in Australia.


What is a Fold Name?

A herd of Highland Cattle is generally referred to as a “ Fold “ and the fold name (stud name) will be used as suffix to all registered names of animals bred in your fold, in the format “Animal Name of Fold Name” (e.g. “Buttercup of Jacoo”). Each Fold name may be up to 16 characters, including spaces, with no more than three words.

What are Tattoo Brands?

Members are required to register a unique tattoo brand, although tattooing your cattle is optional if cattle are identified by NLIS identifiers. The Tattoo Brand may be made up of two to three letters pertaining to the Fold name. All members are required to register a tattoo brand whether or not they intend to tattoo their animals. Members may opt to tattoo each animal showing the Fold Prefix, Year Letter and Calf Number. Please refer to the AHCS registration rules for requirements applicable to the identification of calves by tattoo branding.

National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS)

Members whose Folds are located in states where the NLIS identification is compulsory must apply the tags and are not required to tattoo. Contact your local Department of Primary Industries for more information.

How do I apply for AHCS membership?

Membership applications can be completed online by clicking on the "Join Now" button on the Membership page. Simply work your way through the membership application form, selecting the membership category you wish to apply for. You will be requested to pay for any applicable fees when you complete the application form. Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the AHCS Council and you will receive confirmation of your new membership by email once approved.

What is the membership year and when are memberships renewed?

The AHCS runs on a calendar year, therefore the membership year runs 1st January to 31st December. When joining, new members will pay the annual membership fee on a pro rata basis, depending on the quarter they are joining in. Annual Membership Renewals are emailed out to all current members when due in January. If you are a current or past member and have any questions about your membership and renewal then please contact the AHCS on 0488 018 765 to discuss.

I am a Junior / Commercial / Heritage member and wish to ugprade to Full membership

If you are a current Junior, Commercial or Heritage member and wish to upgrade your membership to a Full membership to allow you to register Highland Cattle, you can complete a membership application and select to upgrade your membership on the form. Or, you are welcome to contact us on 0488 018 765 or email to arrange.

The Society

The Australian Highland Cattle Society Incorporated was formed in 1988 with a mission to preserve heritage, protect integrity and advance the Highland Cattle breed in Australia through registration, education, promotion and fellowship. Today it has over 250 members, with nearly 10,000 animals registered in its Herd book since 1975.

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